VACATION OF MY LIFETIME. ( just found this post stored away )

Some have to go really far for their dream vacation.  Guess I’m easy to please as my best vacation has been summer 2016 in Florida.  I am in fact still on it and dread it ending when July is over. 

It started in Palm Coast FL where my son Marc and his girlfriend Crystal live.  Great times here and then on to Disney World with Marc’s kids – my grandkids.  Fantastic time at Disney. Four days – such a magical place!! What an experience for the kids and grandma too. 

Our trip continued to the Florid Keys. Key West  destination.  Took us awhile as we took our time.  Stopped just South of Islamarado at Duck Key.  Spent two days at Hawks Cay resort. Great place.  We saw July 4th spectacular fireworks show. Marc took an offshore charter and caught lots of fish.  Mutton Snapper, Ling   Amberjack and Mangrove Snapper.  Great eating!!

I just saw this older draft.  Had no idea it was here.  Completely forgot about it.  Guess I really DID like Florida because now I’m here.   Seemingly for good.   Only difference is —– vacation over.  Real life now.   SMH. 



AUGUST 17 2017

Wow it’s been so long since I’ve been here. Had no idea what my password was. Even my username. Just saw couple photos I had forgotten. I’ve gotten lazy using my phone for everything.  Left my laptop in TX. Need to get it or a new one.  

So here I am in Florida.  Still not sure I haven’t made a mistake but either way I’m here and consider it a challenge now.  I must try and make it.   Finally got a job about three months ago.  In home health— again.  Seems to be all I’m suited for.  There’s definitely a huge need for it.  This particular community had thousands of Senior Citizens.  Just like me!  I’m a Senior Citizen taking care of Senior Citizens. 

My son Marc and his fiancé live here.  They recently bought a home in this community.    I finally move into my own apt in two weeks.  The real challenge begins then.  I’m somewhat apprehensive.  Well Hell I’m downright scared.  All by myself in a town where I hardly know anyone.  I think when you get older people ( especially) young people think we don’t get scared.  I do, though.  I’m more afraid , now, of everything. 

I’ve made terrible mistakes in my life.  Maybe that played into me moving here.  Maybe I just followed my son.  I think he thinks that .  Who knows?  I actually don’t really know.  

Im going to try and express myself here on a regular basis.  I’m looking for help – from myself.   Not sure if I’m capable or not.  I have to become my own best friend. Again. Like I once was.  I seem to be so lost and just going through the motions.    I’m old.  So old.  😱 



Warmer Weather

Warmer days are here. In the high 80’s. Still rough winds but won’t complain too much. I have been planting vegetables, herbs and few flowers. Just hope the they make it through the winds.
Promising myself not to complain this summer and really enjoy the hot weather. I will be doing some house sitting and cat sitting in Rockport. Also plan to make lots of jellies and painting like my flower pots here.

Image                                                          I love parts of my family history.  It’s amazing to me how hard they worked and life was not easy back then.  I’m guessing this picture was in the 30’s or maybe even earlier.  The man on the left was my grandfather J. W. Luttes who later on made a fantastic living in the oil boom and then on his ranch.  The other two gentlemen were my two great uncles.  I remember them well.

Life was hard I know but there was also a simplistic way of living.   I myself grew up loving horses and I rode whenever I could. I don’t think many things are as exciting as a full gallop on a horse.

Getting Warmer

The powers that be say it will be near 80 degrees today. I’m sure hoping that’s true. It was nice yesterday and I planted my Chives in a long planting container. Today I plan to plant my Dill.

We’ve been doing some fishing off the pier. I’m not use to fishing fresh water but I’ve caught some big Blue Cat fish. I’m stubborn and wouldn’t pose for a pic but my daughter-in- law did. Will post that one soon. Big Catfish really put up a big fight.
So now I need to get out and about.
Happy Valentines Day to all.