Warmer Weather

Warmer days are here. In the high 80’s. Still rough winds but won’t complain too much. I have been planting vegetables, herbs and few flowers. Just hope the they make it through the winds.
Promising myself not to complain this summer and really enjoy the hot weather. I will be doing some house sitting and cat sitting in Rockport. Also plan to make lots of jellies and painting like my flower pots here.

Image                                                          I love parts of my family history.  It’s amazing to me how hard they worked and life was not easy back then.  I’m guessing this picture was in the 30’s or maybe even earlier.  The man on the left was my grandfather J. W. Luttes who later on made a fantastic living in the oil boom and then on his ranch.  The other two gentlemen were my two great uncles.  I remember them well.

Life was hard I know but there was also a simplistic way of living.   I myself grew up loving horses and I rode whenever I could. I don’t think many things are as exciting as a full gallop on a horse.

Getting Warmer

The powers that be say it will be near 80 degrees today. I’m sure hoping that’s true. It was nice yesterday and I planted my Chives in a long planting container. Today I plan to plant my Dill.

We’ve been doing some fishing off the pier. I’m not use to fishing fresh water but I’ve caught some big Blue Cat fish. I’m stubborn and wouldn’t pose for a pic but my daughter-in- law did. Will post that one soon. Big Catfish really put up a big fight.
So now I need to get out and about.
Happy Valentines Day to all.


About 3 months ago my oldest son ask me to come stay with them. It’s just him and my daughter-in-law. So I’ve done just that. Living on Lake Corpus Christi.
It’s very different from living on the coast in Rockport. I still go to Rockport every couple weeks to see my other kids and friends.
This lake had been dry for 3 years.. At least this cove part had been. Now it’s full but we need rain very soon to keep it this way.
Wildlife here is very abundant. He has a deer feeder and a huge bird feeder. They have quite a few different birds here, that I don’t see on the coast. Green Jays are so pretty and the Kissadee’s. Then the usual Cardinals and Doves and many others. Tons of deer and bobcats and have heard there is a mountain lion. ( my biggest fear).
I’ve got to drive 30 miles to a decent grocery store but I’m getting use to it. We have a long pier just down the back yard and I’ve caught some big catfish.
South Texas has had a colder winter then usual. Thank gosh for the fireplace. Can’t wait for Spring.